We Were Crewdogs VIII - Sleep Well Tonight

We didn’t do it for medals, and we damn sure didn’t do it for money. Civilian jobs had much greater rewards for much less effort and risk. But, each person who has written a story about something that happened to him while serving as a crewdog on a B-52 has his own reason why he signed his name on a piece of paper and swore an oath of allegiance which would put him in harm’s way. Maybe it was to be patriotic, or maybe it was just the thrill of adventure which lured him into the cockpit of one of the world’s most deadly and infamous bombers, the B-52."We Were Crewdogs VIII - Sleep Well Tonight"

Released in July 2018
Over 50 new stories by 26 contributors.
$10.00 each +  postage. 

Authors' Stories
(The accuracy of names and facts of each story included in this volume is the sole responsibilities of the contributing authors and unaltered by the editor.)

Henry C. Barrows
A POW Speaks on Memorial Day 

John R. Bair
Alert Antics 

Doug Boggs
Linebacker II: A Perspective

Sean "Gone Wild" Celi
View From the Mothership 
An Unintended Consequence of Innovation 

Larry Chasteen, PhD
Klaxon on Guam

Don Clawson
Chrome Dome - B-52 Airborne Alert 

Doug Cooper
Free the POGs 
Crewdogs and the Command Post 

Pat Daly
My 35 Minute Flight 
Midnight Golf on Guam 
Unidentified Bogey – 12 O’clock 

Derek H. “Detch” Detjen
An “Inflight” Emergency? 
My Last Two TDYs to Guam 
U-Tapao Memories 

Peter A. Derenski
Aircrew Antics 

Russell Greer
Aiming High 

Lee Holmes
Sniffing out Ruskie Nukes 

John R. “Johnny” Johnson
We’re Not in SAC Anymore, Toto! 

Kevin L. “Anvil” Kent 
The “Training Use Only” Crew 

Jay Lacklen
Minimum Interval Takeoff (MITO) 
First ORI86
Second ORI98
Engines Dancing on the Wing 
Sacrificial Lambs 

Ron Mathis
Pulling Satellite Alert

Paul A. Maye
Going To War With Gunners 
Bright Star 82
A Gunner’s Peril 

James “Jim” Pigg
Guns Flys
My Mission – 20 December 1972 

Richard S. “Rock” Roszak
Flying the B-52D at Carswell AFB 
 Faulty Autopilot, Low Altitude! 

Kenneth Schmidt
The Road to My B-52 SAC Career 
 My Last B-52 Flight
A Much Too Busy “Busy Observer” 

George R. Thatcher, Ed.D
Bird Strike 
Came the Eight Hundred 

Jack Thomas
 Where’s Waldo? 

Tommy Towery
Musical Chairs 
Clothes Make the (Air) Man 
Please Mister Postman 

Walter W. Want
Stand-By One

Steve Winkle
Qualified Versus Experienced 

Randall E Wooten
I Have a Right to Know Where We Are! 
The War’s Kinda Over 
The “Guam-Bomb” 
“America is a Wonderful Place”