Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Military Career

My Path to Becoming a B-52 Gunner
A Crewdog’s Tale
A B-52 Copilot’s Tale
Rated Supplement
The Saga of Tail End Charlie
My B-52D Gunner
My Encounter with Immortality
The Flight of Tuff-13
My Mother Never Understood

Chapter 2 - Cold War

My Very First Alert Tour
Cold War TDYs 1975-1987—a Personal View
The Elephant Mountain Incident
Oil Burner
He’s Coming Home with What?
Glasgow Invades Dyess - 1968
Was It All for Naught?

Chapter 3 - Southeast Asia

We Were Almost Heroes
Linebacker II - Straw 2 Bravo
150 Foot Bag Drag Times Four
Kadena – X-Wind Launch
Red 2 -7 July 1967
We Were One Plane Ahead

Chapter 4 - Bar Stories

How to Do Bad and Still Be the Top Crew
The Infamous 70-Knot Call
B-52D Ferry Flight to Guam (Yawn)
The Longest Crawl
The BUFF and the Soviet Trawler
Buy-the-Beer Marks on the Nose Gear
My Collection of BUFF Tales
When the Lights Went Out
A Summer Lake Cruise
I Volunteered For This?
Anybody Want a Pachinko Ball
Crewdog Short Tales
The Gorilla
“They Tell You No Lies When You’ve Taken To The Skies”
“I’m Not Flyin’ Tonight”

Chapter 5 - Lest We Forget

Standing Watch
In the Midst of Ghosts


The Contributing Authors

 Jerry Adler 
Scott C. Barbu 
Ben Barnard
Billy J. Bouquet
Doug Cooper
Jack Cotrel
Derek H. Detjen 
Toki Endo
Geoff Engels
Jim Farmer
Russell Greer 
Jes Hales 
Robert O. Harder
Jack Hawley 
Gary Henley 
Stephen Henley
Dave Hofstadter 
Marv Howell
Tom Jones
Rusty Keller 
Nick Maier
Ron Poland
Bill Reynolds 
Sam Roberts
Ken Schmidt 
George Schryer
Pete Seberger
Dave Thomson
Tommy Towery
David R. Volker

Greg Johnson - Cover

"We Were Crewdogs V - We Flew the Heavies"

Released in October of 2009.

279 pages with over 50 new stories.
$10.00 each + postage.