Table of Contents


Crewdogs - An Introduction by Ray Sullivan (Son of BG Glenn R. Sullivan)
CINCSAC on Crewdogs

Chapter 1 - Military Careers

How I Became a Crewdog
My Story And I’m Sticking To I
The Career of a Civilian Crew Member

Chapter 2 - Survival

S-V80-A “Survivor”
The Seventh Confirmed Survivor
My Nylon Let Down
Blood Chit – The Last Hope of A Downed Crewmember
A Typhoon Story
Desert Survival and Rescue
The Crash of Ash 01
Lest We Forget

Chapter 3 - Training

Peacetime In The SAC
Red Flag - Priceless
The Secret Trip to England
Baby Radar in a Grown Up World
The Elephant in the Living Room
SAC Rewards Those Who Serve
The Check Ride
How to Bust an ORI And Come Out Looking Good
All Hands on Deck for Red Flag TDY
CEVG Checkride – The Flight That Was Doomed From the Start
Carswell Crew R/E/S-09

Chapter 4 - Cold War

A Hard Day’s Night
Operation Sea Fish
Chrome Dome Chronicles
From the BUFF to the Moon
Reminiscences of D-Model Alert And “The Great Inquisition"
Alert Antics

Chapter 5 - Southeast Asia

U-Tapao Memories
B*U*F*F (Big Ugly Fat F*****) Cinnamon
The EW Bomb Run
The Habu Light
A True Gunner’s Story  (Told By His Nav)
Once a Bomber Pilot… Always a Bomber Pilot
First Paved BUFFS in Combat
Number Two, You’re On Fire!
Story of the Chili Donut, U-Tapao, 1972
Maneuver! Maneuver! Three SAMs - Six O’clock -Closing Fast!
A Birthday Trip to Remember
Who’s Got It?

Chapter 6 - Tales

Stabilizer Trim Failure
Pucker Factor
Gunner in Hot Water
Honey Bucket Bomber
A Bathroom Poet’s Dream: Writing in The BUFF
Gunners’ Tales
The Birth of KBUF
KBUF - The Rest of the Story
Harrowing Holbrook
The Fixated Pilot
Crewdog Sense of Humor
More Gunner Memories
The Day the IG Got a Ticket
The Gamblers

Chapter 7 - Bar Stories

Bar Stories

Contributing Authors
Vol. II

Bill Beavers
Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)

Glenn O. Burchard
Former Capt, USAF

Jim Carter
Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)

George R Dempsey
Former Capt, USAF

Kent Dodson
Maj, USAF (Ret.)

William R. “Rod” Gabel
Former Capt, USAF

George W. Golding 
Col, USAF (Ret.)

Gary Henley
Col, USAF (Ret.)

Vincent H. Osborne
Col, USAF (Ret.)

Bill Robinson
Former Capt, USAF

Rock Roszak
Col, USAF (Ret.)

Kenneth R. Schmidt
Maj, USAF (Ret.)

George Schryer
SMSgt, USAF (Ret.)

Albert F. Spohn
Maj, USAF (Ret.)

Ralph Stearns
TSgt, USAF (Ret.)

Charles “Chuck” Talcott
Former Capt, USAF

Dave Hofstadter
Col, USAF (Ret.)

George Donald Jackson
Maj, USAF (Ret.)

Dave Lay
Col, USAF (Ret.)

Lothar "Nick" Maier
Maj, USAF (Ret.)

Don McCrabb
Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)

Steve McCutcheon
Lt Col, USAFR (Ret.)

Arthur Craig Mizner
Maj, USAF (Ret.)

Karl D. "Ned" Nedela SMSgt, USAF (Ret.)

"We Were Crewdogs II - More B-52 Crewdog Tales"
(Vol. 2)

This book continues the saga of the everyday lives of B-52 Crewdogs. It is the second in the series and contains 58 new stories by 30 authors associated with the B-52 operations. Just released in October of 2006, it is a 5.5" x 8.5" color-covered softback book with 339 pages. It is 1/3 larger than "We Were Crewdogs - The B-52 Collection" and includes black and white photos along with the stories.

Included is the story by an EW who was aboard a B-52 that was shot down over New Mexico by an Air National Guard F-100, a crewmember aboard a B-52 that had a mid-air with another B-52 on a Southeast Asian bombing mission, and a Crewdog who ejected from a Guam-launched BUFF into a typhoon and was rescued by a submarine.

“A captivating look at what B-52 crews faced in the Cold War and during the Vietnam era. So many politicians and journalists - too many - like to look at military life from 35,000 feet, so they can judge it. These are the stories of the men who actually flew at 35,000 feet, and the harrowing adventures and down-to-earth humor they shared. A rare and valuable perspective.” – Bob Levey (Former Washington Post writer and radio host)

It is a 109 according to the Falcon Code (a copy of which is included in this collection).

This is a limited printed edition and not available in stores. Only a few copies will be available to people who did not contribute stories.
$10.00 each + postage.