Contributing Authors
Vol. I

Bill Beavers
Lt. Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 Radar Navigator

Walter J. Boyne
Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 Pilot

Charles N. Brown
Lt. Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 Navigator

Robert G. Certain
B-52 Navigator

George Robert Dempsey
Former Capt. USAF
B-52 Navigator

Arthur Craig Mizner
Maj. USAF, Ret.
B-52 Pilot

Karl Nedela
SMsgt. USAF, Ret.
B-52 Gunner

Vince Osborne
Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 EWO

Denny Scruggs
Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 Pilot

George W. Golding
Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 Pilot

Gordon Hallgren
Maj. USAF, Ret.
B-52 EWO

Gary E. Henley
Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 EWO

James Hooppaw
Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 Pilot
Wayne Shimet
Lt. Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 EWO

Tommy Towery
Maj. USAF, Ret.
B-52 EWO

Lynn Wakefield
Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 EWO

Gerald Wickline
Col. USAF, Ret.
B-52 Pilot
"We Were Crewdogs - The B-52 Collection"
(Vol. 1)

This book is a collection of stories told by 17 contributing authors who were former Crewdogs (crew members) in the US Air Force B-52 Stratofortress.  Several of these contributors are well-known authors of their own books and lend their skills to this collection.

Included are stories by a crew member of the first B-52 shot down over Hanoi during Linebacker II and the pilot of the last B-52 shot down over Vietnam. The day-to-day life of Nuclear Alert is the subject of many tales. Not all are war stories. Some are humorous insights into personal recollections of things that happened, but have never before been told.  The book has a color cover and is 5.5" x 8.5" and is 197 pages and includes black and white aircraft and crew photos and photos from alert tours and Guam and U-Tapao, the bases that were used to launch bombing missions, including Linebacker II strikes.

One chapter highlights the terms used by generations of B-52 Crewdogs.

Included in this book are six pages ready for you to record your own (or the former B-52 Crewdog you give this to) personal information about your crew position, rank, units and bases assigned, aircraft flown, decorations, and other personal memories. It is offered in a fill in the blank style that will allow you to pass down to future generations your own experiences. It will make the perfect gift for any former B-52 crewmember.

This is a limited printed edition and not available in stores. Only a few copies are still available to people who did not contribute stories.
$10.00 each + postage.
You Gotta Be Tough To Fly The Heavies!
Table of Contents


We Were Crewdogs - Mission Statement
My B-52 Crewdog Experience
(Six fill-in-the-blanks pages to record your own information)

Becoming A Crewdog

The Language of the B-52 Crewdogs
Peace Is Our Profession
Becoming a Crewdog
My First Crew
The Aircraft Bible - The Dash-One

Peacetime SAC Warriors

The B-52 Peacetime Missions
Dropping the Big One 
Say Cheese, Please 
Let Sleeping Crewdogs Lie 
Banned From the Officer’s Club 
The Green Ball of Fire 
Northern Wedding - A Four-Ship to Europe, 1976 
Nice approach, Co!
Thunderstorm on Final

Guarding Our Freedom -The Cold War

The B-52 and Nuclear Alert
Sitting Alert – A Personal View  
DEFCON 2 Cuban Missile Crisis 
Satellite Alert and SAC Security 
And It Wasn’t Even an Eskimo Pie 
Rookie Alert Tour - SAC ORI on Final
Bite Me Crank, Mate!
Known-Notice Alert Exercise 
Santa Don’t Need No Stinking Line Badge 
When a Good Message Goes Bad, Very Bad 
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines 
The Day the Klaxon Sounded “For Real” 

The B-52 in Combat -Vietnam

Vietnam and Linebacker II
A Picture Is Worth 444 Words 
Linebacker II – A Personal View  
The “Door Rester” 
The Crew of Ruby II
IP Inbound – The Final Minutes of Charcoal 1 
The Dreaded Bag Drag 
Just Another Flight

Unclassified Materials

A Few Shots from the Gunners 
Put Out the Arc Light, Free the POGS,  and Other Memories 
Fading Memories, Odds and Ends, and Bar Stories 

Mission Debrief


B- 52 Crewdogs in Books and Movies 

The Contributing Authors Information

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