1.  Pilot
2.  Nav
2a. Navigator
3.  Radar Nav
4.  EW
5.  EWO
6.  Gunner
7.  Tail Gunner
8.  Boom Operator
9.  WSO
10. RIO
11. Crew Chief
12. Boom Operator
13. Raven 1
14. Raven 2
15. IMT
16. AMT
17. DSO
18. OSO
​19. Blytheville AFB
20. Another Air Force Base (write it in)
21. Leave Bottom Blank (No Wording)

Stock Decals MUST include one of  the wording choices listed above. If you want different wording, you MUST order a custom decal

Stock and Custom Decals

These are outdoor vinyl decals desigend for placement on the outside of your vehicle window. All orders include free mailing to US addresses. Just under 6" in diameter.

Payment available via PayPal or via Credit Card through the PayPal site if you do not have a PayPal account.

Money back or free replacement should you encounter problems with the decals shipped.

Stock Decals
$5.00 Each
Custom Decals

$7.50 First One
$5.00 each additional
Custom Decals allow you to individualize the top and bottom lettering for the selected aircraft. (Aircraft silhouette cannot be changed.) You may choose you own wording of 15 letters or less (such as model aircraft, missions, nickname, or hours).

The first one is $7.50 and each additional one with the same working is only $5.00 
Stock Decals are ones which have the most common aircraft designation at the top of the decal, with a silhouette of the aircraft in the center, and a choice of stock wording at the bottom. Decals can be done in white or black vinyl for the same price.

If you do not find a standard decal to meet your desire, then you should order a custom decal below.

To order a Stock Decal

1. Pick the Aircraft (RF-4C does not have missiles)
2. Pick the color
2. Pick the bottom wording from the stock wording list and type it in.

To order Custom Decals - select how many decals you want first.
(1=$7.50, 2=$12.50, 3=$17.50, etc.)

1. Pick the Aircraft
2. Pick the color
2. Type in the top wording you want of 15 letters or less
3. Type in the bottom wording you want of 15 letters or less

The aircraft silhouettes above are the only ones available now (F-4 has missiles, RF-4C does not.) Available in black or white vinyl.

The PayPal buttons do not work on some mobile devices. If you cannot get PayPal to work then email me with you decal specs and I will send you a link for payment.

Custom decals sized from 3" to almost 12" are available by special order. Email me with your questions or requests at:

Aircraft View of
Crew Position from Standards
             B-52                           KC-135                        C-130                          F-4  
Aircraft View From
Top Lettering ( <16 letters )
Bottom Lettering (<16 letters)
C-17 Front
KC-10 Top
KC-10 Front